Preparing the Combustible Base
Incense Stick and Premium Dhoop combustible base are generally based on two crucial material: the fragmented material and the adhesive used for binding the material. The first part of the base i.e. fragmented material is carefully chosen and blended with wood, charcoal powder, and sodium and potassium nitrate to sustain slow burning, along with essential oil to get the right level of fragrance. When it comes to binding material, we make sure to use a good quality adhesive that helps in the uniform coating on the bamboo stick.

Why Choose Us?

The perfect combination of respect towards every culture, high business values and technological know-how, gives us an edge over other players in the market. There have been several factors contributing to our success in such a short span of time. These are:

Our Professional Team

Qualified and talented professionals are working with us who have strong ethical, moral as well as spiritual values. The members of the team carefully prepare the base material for making Incense Stick and Dhoop to make sure the products not only release lingering fragrance but also not affect the general health and well-being of the end users. Further, each member of the team follows a coordinated approach to deliver an on-time solution to the customers. The team members are guided by visionary leaders who are aware of the market norms and customer-requirements.        

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to provide high quality Dhoop and Aggarbatti with low ash content & rich aroma at affordable rates. To accomplish the vision, we always follow the traditional Indian way of preparing incense sticks. We are working in the industry with a mission to create a positive an pleasant environment while performing any ritual or meditation and being focused towards the health of the end users. 

“Minimum Order Quantity should be 25 Dozen”
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